Helix frontman Brian Vollmer and spouse Lynda put ‘Planet Helix’ house up for sale

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Helix frontman Brian Vollmer and spouse Lynda put ‘Planet Helix’ house up for sale

An part that is important of history will not be owned by certainly one of its users once the home of Helix frontman Brian Vollmer along with his spouse Lynda in London, Ontario, Canada was set up on the market. The home was featured on MTV‘s television show Cribs at one point.

“Well, today had been the big day…Today Planet Helix went on seller’s block. Lotsa memories in this household within the years-good times with good friends-but now Lynda and I also ‘re going into a stage that is“new of life. Your house is now too large, takes way too much upkeep, considering I’m gone a whole lot throughout the summer time on Helix gigs, as well as for 5-1/2 months every cold weather we’re now likely to be in Florida. One particular who we’ve spent time with inside your home or perhaps the yard (for just one of our numerous events over many years) have died. We particularly skip Jay Wetlaufer and Brad Scrinko.

Jay worked being a right components man for the Chevy dealership in Woodstock, and we’d been buddies forever. The fact We liked most useful about him is he had been an excellent listener. Me-I never shut up, so we produced pair that is good. He constantly seemed interested making you feel quantity 1. Brad was my door that is next neighbor. He had been the kindest, many thoughtful, mild guy I have actually ever understood. This final summer time the yard didn’t appear similar without them there. And thus it goes…

Whenever Fritz dropped from the ladder final November we recognized exactly how brief and life that is precious and exactly how it could switch on a dime. 1 minute we had been all at training laughing, joking, and hugging one another by the home even as we left to go homeward, as well as the following day Fritz was at an ambulance having a prospective life threatening seizure on their option to a healthcare facility in Hamilton.

Lynda has wished to downsize for many years now. It’s excessively on her behalf to keep. She’s maybe maybe maybe not the sort of individual to permit one space regarding the home to be “out of order”. We kept securing due to just how much I’d emotionally committed to the home as well as the amount that is sheer of through the asian women looking for american men years to produce it. However now it felt directly to let it go. Time and energy to allow some other person take pleasure in the home. Time for all of us to provide ourselves more hours with all the individuals we love.

I’ll never retire. I’ve never ever had work in music. We tell individuals We have “…the world’s most expensive hobby…” ‘cos if We place this much work into some other work I’d be a multi millionaire. But i really like the things I do and I’m so ever grateful I’ve been permitted to live my entire life carrying it out and also earn a living doing the things I love -writing, recording, touring, the package that is whole. That’s why i acquired I hopefully will do until the day I die into it and that’s what. Similar to Johnny Cash-my hero. He composed & recorded tracks on his death sleep. That’s the real way i want to go.

We’ll miss out the home and all sorts of the happy times we had here. Nonetheless it’s time for you to proceed to brand new pastures. Does not suggest I’m not likely to do everything I’ve been doing-teaching, writing, recording, touring, and rocking down. It simply means I’m gonna be doing things that are aforementioned and from an inferior house…lol.